4th Church Boston 2014
Welcome! Fourth Church has been a part of South Boston since 1870. Situated between two housing projects, the church has at the heart of its mission a commitment to serve the neighborhood, touching the lives of well over 650 people every month. "...The very epitome of a living urban ministry - ... a vital presence in the community..." - Boston Herald more  »


We are called to bear witness to the Good News of new life in Jesus Christ by praising God, growing together in the Spirit, and serving our neighbors in love. Through the blessing of the Holy Spirit, we seek to glorify God and shine as a beacon of hope in the community with open doors, eager hands and caring hearts.


Upcoming Events

  • May 4 12 Steps and Christianity class, 6:30pm
  • May 8 Mother's Day, celebrate the women of Fourth Church during worship, 10:30am
  • May 8 Deacon's meeting, 9:15am
  • May 10 Session meeting, 7pm
  • May 12-14 20-minute photo sittings for the new Directory! Sign up online, or with James and Caitlyn Garrett after worship
  • May 15 Pentecost! Group photo after worship, 12:15pm
    Launch of the mortgage share campaign for 2016
  • May 29 Cookout potluck after worship, 12:15pm