4th Church Boston 2014
Welcome! Fourth Church has been a part of South Boston since 1870. Situated between two housing projects, the church has at the heart of its mission a commitment to serve the neighborhood, touching the lives of well over 650 people every month. "...The very epitome of a living urban ministry - ... a vital presence in the community..." - Boston Herald more  »


We are called to bear witness to the Good News of new life in Jesus Christ by praising God, growing together in the Spirit, and serving our neighbors in love. Through the blessing of the Holy Spirit, we seek to glorify God and shine as a beacon of hope in the community with open doors, eager hands and caring hearts.


Upcoming Events

  • Nov. 22 Dedication day & Thanksgiving potluck
  • Nov. 23 Boston Presbytery Meeting (Needham), 7pm, with food beforehand
  • Nov. 24 The biggest Food Pantry of the year, 8am-11
    Consider supporting our volunteers with coffee & food
  • Nov. 29 First Sunday of Advent
    SPECIAL EDITION Sunday School with big breakfast and craft party, 9am
    Hanging of the Greens during Sunday morning service! (10:30am-12pm)
  • Dec. 2 Advent vespers with communion & sung prayer (in the style of Taize), 6:15pm-7
  • Dec. 4,5 Performances of "Aladdin", 7pm
  • Dec. 6 Music recitals
  • Dec. 6 Guest Preacher: Rev. Brian Ellison (Director of Covenant Network & former 4th intern)
    Update on CovNet work on LGBT issues after service
  • Dec. 8 Session meeting, 7pm
  • Dec. 13 Baptism of Amelia Grant Rose, during worship at Fourth, 10:30am, followed by service at "Common Cathedral" downtown at Boston Common (you are invited the head over after our worship service)
    We also need about 10 people to help serve sandwiches to the largely homeless community at Common Cathedral (See Katie Stansifer to volunteer)
  • Dec. 17 Caroling party at the Stanfields, 6pm-9, 11 Norway Rd., Milton
    Chili, Veggie Chowder, and Chicken Curry—then caroling
  • Friday Night Live Christmas party for youth, 6pm-8
  • Dec. 19 Gingerbread house-making party, 10am
  • Dec. 19 Choir Christmas concert, 4pm
  • Dec. 20 Christmas party for children of Fourth, after worship, 12:15pm
  • Dec. 24 Christmas Eve pageant & candlelight service
  • Dec. 27 Sunday morning Christmas (with our stories), 10:30am-12pm
  • Jan. 7,8 Rescheduled advanced theater performances

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