4th Church Boston 2014
Welcome! Fourth Church has been a part of South Boston since 1870. Situated between two housing projects, the church has at the heart of its mission a commitment to serve the neighborhood, touching the lives of well over 650 people every month. "...The very epitome of a living urban ministry - ... a vital presence in the community..." - Boston Herald more  »


We are called to bear witness to the Good News of new life in Jesus Christ by praising God, growing together in the Spirit, and serving our neighbors in love. Through the blessing of the Holy Spirit, we seek to glorify God and shine as a beacon of hope in the community with open doors, eager hands and caring hearts.


Upcoming Events

  • March 23 Monday Lenten meditation (weekly, with Korte), 6pm-6:30
  • March 24 Tuesday Lenten prayer service (weekly), 6pm-6:30
  • March 25 Wednesday Lenten communion service (weekly), 6pm-6:30, followed by 12 steps and Christianity Soup N Study, 6:30pm-7:30
  • March 26 Thursday Lenten prayer groups (weekly, with Sarah), 6pm-6:30
  • March 26 Major GBIO Delegate Assembly to organize action with governor and other officials (Fourth's quota: 33 delegates)
  • March 27, 28 Childrens' theater performance: "NEWSIES"
  • March 29 Palm Sunday service, 10:30am -- PASSION PLAY
  • March 29 Music recitals, 3pm-4:30
  • April 2 Maundy Thursday: dinner and service with foot-washing, 6:30pm (please volunteer to help with Katie Romer, Katie Walsh, Michelle Sanchez, Jackie Breen, or Karen Flaherty)
  • April 3 Good Friday Vacation Bible School, 8:30am-12:30pm
  • April 3 Good Friday Way of the Cross through South Boston, 10:45am
  • April 4 Holy Saturday presentation of the Passion Play
  • April 5 EASTER:
    • Sunrise service at Carson Beach, 6:30am
    • Easter Breakfast at church, 9am (bring fruit, muffins and brunch items!)
    • Festival Service! Trumpets! Alleluias! 10:30am
  • April 11,12 Youth Theater Performance: "INTO THE WOODS"
  • April 12, 19 Let's Talk: one-on-one relational meetings after worship
  • April 21 Boston Presbytery meeting at Fourth, 8:30am
  • April 26 APPRECIATION DAY worship service, 10:30am
  • May 3 Fourth Fest fund-raiser at Laugh Boston, 2:30pm-5:30 ($50/person)